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Getting raw with Steven Lone

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Getting raw with Steven Lone

The Motherf**ker with the Hat introduces audiences to people whose voices are rarely heard of on stage. Just like their characters, most of the cast is new to Cygnet Theatre. We sat down with the cast and asked them what excites them about working with this fairly new and raw material, working at Cygnet Theatre, and, of course, what’s their favorite curse word! First up: Craig Noel Award Nominee, Steven Lone

Steven LoneSteven Lone (Jackie)

Steven has been making waves in theatres across town, most recently in References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, The Listener (Moxie Theatre); and The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety (2013 Craig Noel Award Nominee).

How did you get involved in theatre?

Originally from San Francisco, I started studying theatre and acting in 10th grade where my first play ever was playing Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I joined a theatre conservatory right out of high school, then came down to Southern California for college, where I attended UCSD for theatre. I decided to stick around, since I fell in love with the theatre community here. This is my first show at Cygnet, where I’ve always wanted to work. I admire Sean and the whole Cygnet brain trust for selecting such a daring play.

What excites you most about the show?

Going to see live theatre should be a shock to the senses. It should illicit emotion, whether positive or negative. This show in particular, I believe, achieves that, and I’m honored to be a part of the storytelling.

What scares you?

The content. The rawness. The language.

What you like about working with Cygnet Theatre?

From the first day, I felt so cared for and respected by the entire Cygnet family. They’ve built a reputation in this community for treating their artists extremely well, it’s what drew me to want to work with Cygnet for a long time now. I’m so happy that desire has come to fruition.

Your favorite curse word!

“F**k” and “Balls”.