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5 helpful hints before the rain stops falling…

When the Rain Stops Falling follows four generations of family over the span of 80 years and on two continents. The interconnected stories of these fathers, sons, mothers and lovers circle back over each other. You, as an audience member, will begin to make connections as the stories unfold. To make sure you get the most out of your theatre experience, Director Rob Lutfy put together these five helpful hints.

  1. WHAT’S IN A NAME? Make sure you look at the genealogy chart below (and in your program) before the show starts. It will help you understand the older/younger versions of characters, and those with the same name, of which there are three!
  1. SAME ACTOR, DIFFERENT CHARACTERS. Two actors play different characters. Gabriel York/Henry Law are played by Adrian Alita and Gabriel Law/Andrew Price are played by Josh Odsess-Rubin.

    Josh Odsess-Rubin & Adrian Alita

    Josh Odsess-Rubin & Adrian Alita

  1. SAME CHARACTER, DIFFERENT ACTORS. Elizabeth Law and Gabrielle Law (pronounced Gabriel) are played by two sets of actors.

    Younger/Older Gabrielle & Younger/Older Elizabeth

    Younger/Older Gabrielle & Younger/Older Elizabeth

  1. WATCH THE BACKDROP BETWEEN SCENES. It may be raining, but we won’t leave you high and dry. Watch for the projections on the backdrop for titles of where the scene takes place and in what year.
  1. GO WITH THE FLOW. The critics say it best…

“It’s hard to figure out who’s who and how they intersect, but all becomes clear by the end of the play, which runs an intermission-less yet gripping 110 minutes.” -Pam Kragen, San Diego Union-Tribune

“It’s best to just sit back and let the saga wash over you.” –Pat Launer, Center Stage

“[It’s] a lot to swallow, but worthy of the effort to chew because Cygnet has a tremendous four-course meal in store for you. –Milo Shapiro, Stage and Cinema


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