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National Comedy Theatre at Cygnet

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National Comedy Theatre at Cygnet

We’re looking forward to National Comedy Theatre’s full-length improvised musical, aChording to us, one night only at Cygnet Theatre April 24th!  We sat down with NCT Artistic Director, Gary Kramer, to learn more about the show.

Cygnet: Tell me a little bit about National Comedy Theatre and specifically aChording to Us, your full length improvised musical.

Gary Kramer

Gary: This is our 18th season at the National Comedy Theatre, which is located right down the street from Cygnet on India Street – next to Shakespeare’s pub. We have a very talented cast of professional comic actors who perform improvised scenes every night based on suggestions from the audience. We perform around 300 shows every year, and on March 18th will have performed our 5000th consecutive show.

Cygnet: How is aChording to Us different from your weekly mainstage performances?

aChording to Us
The cast

Gary: We have a number of different themed performances that have established their own audience over the years. One of the most popular is aChording to Us, in which our cast improvises a new full length musical theatre piece each night. The audience makes a story line suggestion, the keyboardist starts playing…and a musical is created on the spot. It’s pretty incredible. aChording to Us features some of San Diego’s finest comic musical talents. Chris Daily, Allison Ramsay, Michael Maury, Rachel Pomeroy & Casey Gardner. The talented Yaron Guez is on keys – deciding when the story turns to song….

Cygnet: Why do you think Cygnet Theatre patrons will enjoy this show?

Gary: I am a regular Cygnet Theatre patron myself – and enjoy the creative filter here. Cygnet has the ability to take a familiar story and look at it differently – thinking outside the box. That ability to think outside the box and show stories in a different way is a big part of how National Comedy Theatre operates as well. We create as we go…and adding the musical element into that adds a level of creative energy that I know will resonate with the Cygnet audience. Plus, the show is just flat out funny and unexpected. The cast and audience both go on the same journey during the performance, and the discovery of where the story leads is a major component of the fun quality to the show. We honestly do not know where there show will lead, and that creates the edge to the performance for both cast and audience.

aChording to Us
a full-length improvised musical…
by National Comedy Theatre

Monday, April 24th at 7pm
Cygnet Theatre, Old Town

The audience gives ONE suggestion.
And a brand new full-length musical is born…
While. You. Watch.

National Comedy Theatre, San Diego’s long running, professional improv comedy theatre, brings their musical theatre performance – aChording to Us – to Cygnet Theatre. The audience gets the ball rolling… the keyboard starts playing…and a new musical is created as you watch. Improvisation at its most adrenaline-surging finest.

Musical theatre lovers, improv fans and those of us who are just WAITING for someone to screw up…this one is for you! aChording to Us, a NCT production, features some of San Diego’s finest comic talents. Chris Daily, Allison Ramsay, Michael Maury, Rachel Pomeroy & Casey Gardner. The incredible Yaron Guez is on keys – deciding when the story turns to song….

Click here to Purchase Tickets or call the Cygnet Box Office at 619-337-1525